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Erin lives in Hoboken, New Jersey with her two sons, Charlie- age 2 and Cameron, age 11 weeks, her babywearing husband David and their dog Penny. 

Erin learned about babywearing when she was pregnant with Charlie and living in New York City it seemed like a great alternative to a bulky stroller to help get around town. After Charlie was born babywearing became a way of life- he was a very intense baby who wanted to be held all the time so babywearing allowed Erin to keep him close and keep her hands free. Erin could often be seen out and about in the Upper West Side with Charlie happily sleeping in one of his many carriers! David got in on the babywearing too and everyone enjoyed the easy snuggles. At 2 years old and 32 lbs, Charlie is still happy to be carried and loves a good walk around town on our backs! Cameron has been worn since he was born and thoroughly enjoys hanging out in carriers. Babywearing has become even more important with two kids- it allows Erin to keep Cam snuggled up comfortably while chasing after a very busy Charlie! 

Erin recently completed training with the Center for Babywearing Studies in New York City. Erin has experience with many different kinds of carriers including stretchy wraps, woven wraps, buckle carriers, ring slings and mei tais. She is incredibly passionate about the benefits of babywearing for the child and caregiver and would love to help you enjoy carrying your baby too!